i hardly ever use this anymore :/ (mystical_chickn) wrote in addmeblip,
i hardly ever use this anymore :/

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Hi, I just joined, although seeing as there are only half a dozen members so far I dunno if I'll reach my current goal of 250 listeners (I have 210 now) by posting here.


I like a lot of different stuff, mostly indie and alternative, also alt-country, folky stuff, blues, '80s alternative, soul, some classic rock, and a little bit of pop. I don't like mainstream country or hip-hop (independent hip-hop a la Sage Francis is fine). My favorite band is Bettie Serveert, so I blip a lot of them. I try to reblip songs that I like (even if I've never heard them before), but it's getting harder to keep up, every time I ping the list the song I'm currently listening to pretty much always gets shoved down to the bottom. So anyway, check out what I like and add me if you like it too :D
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